Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville Skyline

Louisville is the largest city in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the 29th most-populous city in the United States. Pictured is a view of the Louisville Skyline courtesy of Jason Meredith. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Waverly Hills Sanatorium opened in 1910 as a wooden two-story hospital to treat tuberculosis patients. However, following a tuberculosis outbreak in the early 1900's, further construction from 1924 built what stands today. The hospital closed in 1961, leaving the building empty. There are plans to convert the sanatorium into a hotel and conference center. However, it is available for tours (see website below).

According to sources, the building is regarded as being one of the most haunted in America, with the 5th Floor being the area idetified as being the most active. Apparitions include a male wearing a white coat (claimed by some to be a doctor); a little girl running around the third floor; a little boy playing with a leather ball; a phantom hearse delivering coffins; and a female apparition with bleeding wrists and crying for help.

Other effects include the smell of food cooking or bread baking from the old kitchens. Audible phenomena include voices, footsteps and doors opening and closing.

Pictured left is the entrance of the Sanatorium courtesy of Kris Arnold.

Waverly Hills Historical Society, 4400 Paralee Drive, Louisville, KY 40272, USA.


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